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Drive more Traffic into your Team Beachbody Store!!!

What are iFrames: iFrames are a way to drive traffic into your Team Beachbody store, without ever leaving Facebook. 

Each Star Icon is an iFrame.  Each is crafted to either educate the consumer, or to assist them in their shopping experience.

Team Beachbody is designed to get them not only past the front door, and past the product offering page, but Directly to the Buy Now and Which Version or Quantity desired page.

Training is provided via webinars, you are free to attend as many as you wish.  Request Demo

Present limitation is 12 iFrames.
The ability to use custom icons is coming soon.
  iFrames Example You can create Eye Catching FB Postings with iFrames!

Facebook Product Branded Postings
Coach Recruiting: Is designed to introduce the business opportunity to your prospective coaches.
Further it shows our market appeal and offers a more robust view of our DVD based product offerings.  In addition, each of our major DVD offerings are linked back to their respective Preview Video, and therefore to the front end of your store.
iFrames get's them Past the Front Door.

Request Form HERE

Include:  Hosting, Implementation, Customization and regular updates.
Pages include your CoachName, CoachID and Twitter handle.
Intellectual Property Rights: All content belongs to Hank Rouse, except where copyright, registered trademarks, and other digital media rights are concerned.
How do I create Fan/Business Page/s and assign Admin Rights?  Instructions

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